Mar 132017

At the edge of bitterness, il gusto, mia lingua, il caffè macchiato and I see the words, pietro colorato I might drown in italiano. This is swimming by numbers and numeracy leaks away suggesting there is a problem higher up, above the water line pietro colorato the colours are smudged by rising damp meaning serious [...]

Jan 312017

One generating power the turbines tumble into action images flicker and watch each other comparing notes   Two words reduced to to background rumble but not one word in plain sight nothing distinguished solo you sail hoping for nothing   Three poetry: a constitution for human life animals and carnivores we show our teeth   [...]

Jan 242017

The fear of imagining that life has a purpose must be the fear that I won’t have the capacity to create the new anew renew the species: of course if the creative impulse is blocked, frustrated, repressed … then all one can do is destroy. Thus patriarchal man in his rage of need (a deep [...]

Nov 172016
Is backward the new forward?

And what does forward mean? No, don’t look at me like that, That exasperated expression on your face; I mean it seriously: Forward is now back.   Is this Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence?   1970 is as far as got before the braying donkey of the right Rediscovered those populist slogans  To feed the resentments toxically [...]

Nov 152016
On the Road Again

Carrying on, in times like these I turn to poetry. CK Williams is working best right now, The Collected Poems (up to 2003).I’ve also just bought Writers, Writing, Dying (2013). I like his poems that are often slowly unfolding stories, long sentences, with spaces to pause and breath, both personal and political, moral and cosmopolitan. Is this [...]