The Unbidden

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Nov 062007

Every now and again a phrase comes unbidden to my mind. A complete phrase, but one which I could liken to a window guarding an interior by means of reflections. It stares back at me, a blank. It seems to offer an easy way in but in fact it proves efficiently resistant to my initial probing.

Some months ago, the phrase that appeared was "I don’t believe in death."


There is some way in which I know exactly what it means but it is not accessible to rational examination.

Then more recently the gift of a phrase was, "yoga has saved my life."

But how, why? I wasn’t to the best of my knowledge under the threat of any illness. Nonetheless I have come to value the (hatha) yoga I do, both in the weekly classes I go to and a daily practice. But . . . saved my life??

I began to explore the idea of the saviour. What did it mean to me? It’s a title that has been given to great spiritual teachers, prophets. A title that’s been given to Christ. I think of being lost. I think of the one who has rescued me, shown me the path, saved me from ignorance, been there when I needed someone. Both the Buddha and Christ were said to have defeated death.

Having started this posting I realise I need to do much more exploratory writing, thinking and reflecting. Not only do the phrases puzzle me as to an intended meaning, but where on earth do they come from . . . more in due course.