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A Manifesto: being the minutes of the meeting held at Boston’s, Exeter, 29 March 2011

  1. We don’t know what we are doing. Or, for that matter how to do what we are doing.
  2. In spite of the above (1.) it is not to be assumed that everything we write is to be totally disregarded. Though a pinch of salt is best kept ready for action.
  3. In fact, in real life there is always resistance, even though we have to breathe constantly. Inspiration. Brief pause. Expiration. Brief pause. Resistance is probably related to authenticity.
  4. We believe in practice.
  5. Don’t dribble the chilli sauce.
  6. It is to be doubted that we shall ever be in receipt of the sherry courtesy of HRH.
  7. To speak is to deny.
  8.  It unreels.
  9. We believe in producing a piece of work to a deadline and holding to the intention of publication of one sort or another.
  10.  There is an aesthetic.