And how do we manage paradox?

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Nov 222016
And how do we manage paradox?

And how do we manage paradox? The shimmering mirages of our minds? Where the world is both fragmentary and dazzling? This is such is it not? I mean it’s like this; this is how it is Can you see what I’m pointing at? Indicating the target But in my myopic dazzle Can I trust that [...]

Jan 232016
A new year, so what do throw out of the window?

Oh yes let’s have a metaphorical explosion! A metaphorical IED! Lots of squeaks and screams as the rockets whizz this way and that. Would you just look at that old stall, it’s been left out in all weathers, not even covered through this winter; should we burn it? Shove it out, break it up and [...]

Dec 022015
What am I doing? What is this anguish?

Terry Eagleton, in his new book, Culture and the Death of God, writes: ‘in [Hegel's] view, art  blends the will with spontaneity, the conscious mind with the unconscious. As such, it offers a precious insight into the very ground of our being, namely the unconscious process of self-productivity which is Nature as a whole. The [...]

Nov 292015
Being in the Disturbance Business

Or ‘Stunned by your words I have to Act’. Meaning the salt has got spilled, and the chili sauce has dribbled (The Manifesto No 5). It lies in a viscous brown-reddish blob. Is this the beginning of the creation a new man? A hero who emerges out of a puddle of feminine fluids? She – a [...]

Non Ignorarmi!

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Nov 192015
Non Ignorarmi!

                       Non Ignorarmi!     Non ignorarmi! È possibile che tu mi abbia in televisione: Una macchia sullo schermo. Credi che potresti ignorarmi; Ora vuoi uccidermi.   Avete finto di inventarci alla festa – Ma dovevamo capire che venivamo come servi. Avete promesso democrazia e [...]

This anchor

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Sep 012015
This anchor

This anchor, abandoned in quiet retirement, to return to air, within the aroma of the sea, the occasional wetting from rain and sea; to be reminded of its past lives. The caress of a rope, the curiosity of a bystander caught by the glimpse of a monster from the deep. Is retirement a collective decision? [...]