The fear of imagining

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Jan 242017

The fear of imagining that life has a purpose must be the fear that I won’t have the capacity to create the new anew renew the species: of course if the creative impulse is blocked, frustrated, repressed … then all one can do is destroy. Thus patriarchal man in his rage of need (a deep [...]

Jul 102016
The Crowd

“I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself”, walkingtalkingwriting, please join the conversation: THE CROWD I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself. This has nothing to do with my material condition. Every kind of virtue is found in a crowd: that humans in a crowd create [...]

Jul 082016
"death ... hospitals"

‘entitlement’ was the word I was remembering. I added it between these other two, “death … hospitals”, when we were meeting yesterday in the city-centre Cafe. We were in the spirit of walkingtalkingwriting, and one aspect of the entitlement word we were on about was (entitlement/un-entitlment) the dialectic, in which both of us were entitled [...]

Jan 292016
Let's explore that a bit more

Thanatos, Thanatos wherefore art thou Thanatos? And for that matter WHO are you? Are you the unregenerate savagery that is always waiting to burst forth?  Yesterday I went to the movies! I saw The Danish Girl: a further adventure into gender and sexual identity. A moving account of one man/woman’s story set in the 1920/30s [...]

Nov 292015
Being in the Disturbance Business

Or ‘Stunned by your words I have to Act’. Meaning the salt has got spilled, and the chili sauce has dribbled (The Manifesto No 5). It lies in a viscous brown-reddish blob. Is this the beginning of the creation a new man? A hero who emerges out of a puddle of feminine fluids? She – a [...]

Reaching down for the stars

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Sep 192015
Reaching down for the stars

I watched in some wonderment to the results of the Labour Party leader election results last Saturday. Could this be the sign of an emerging and long awaited sea change in the political life of this country? How can we continue with a professional class of politicians who are merely advertising industry stand-ins or cunning [...]