Jul 252016
Our Tribe is AEON

Try Aeon – “Aeon is a digital Magazine. It is better than the London Review of Books.. and it is FREE”. I was talking over breakfast on Sunday with a woman called Penny. She is a literary agent living in upstate New York, working mostly with non-fiction writing. Aeon is the closest publishing thing I’ve [...]

Jul 082016
"death ... hospitals"

‘entitlement’ was the word I was remembering. I added it between these other two, “death … hospitals”, when we were meeting yesterday in the city-centre Cafe. We were in the spirit of walkingtalkingwriting, and one aspect of the entitlement word we were on about was (entitlement/un-entitlment) the dialectic, in which both of us were entitled [...]

Jul 112014
Male Outlaw on Soapbox

Make full dis-closure, and reach the end of (the) matter. Drop the defences, and step over into everlasting life. What’s not to like – La-La? Besides, endings are such a pain as everyone in the death groups knows only too well. Better stop kicking up the dust shilly-shallying around this good death/bad death thing! It [...]

Apr 082014
Rapture in Lamentations

Harry Kratchnikov’s face fills the mask: Did he cry for help as he lay there? Then after a pause, “Are you there?” It was only luck that I had the radio on at 9pm, BBC Radio 4 (21/03/2014), began listening to  Four Trees Down from Ponte Sisto (NB click on this link to ‘listen again‘), and [...]

Santa is Back in Town…

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Dec 112013
Santa is Back in Town...

It is that time of year again when some old man with a big beard and a reality problem visits all our homes. And as we sit around the fire together on dark December evenings, jesting and telling each other stories of death and life, we can hear the whispering of the Ancestors as they draw [...]

Jun 112013
She glanced at her lovely echo

You’ll remember me saying. Well, perhaps I don’t, the other replies. Two men in conversation: it is not difficult to find many explanations for the disconnect in what they are saying to each other – reinventing the tradition, as Walter Scott said reputedly, always comes easy: – Walter Benjamin walking with Baudelaire in Paris and [...]