Is backward the new forward?

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Nov 172016
Is backward the new forward?

And what does forward mean? No, don’t look at me like that, That exasperated expression on your face; I mean it seriously: Forward is now back.   Is this Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence?   1970 is as far as got before the braying donkey of the right Rediscovered those populist slogans  To feed the resentments toxically [...]

Jul 102016
The Crowd

“I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself”, walkingtalkingwriting, please join the conversation: THE CROWD I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself. This has nothing to do with my material condition. Every kind of virtue is found in a crowd: that humans in a crowd create [...]

Jul 082016
"death ... hospitals"

‘entitlement’ was the word I was remembering. I added it between these other two, “death … hospitals”, when we were meeting yesterday in the city-centre Cafe. We were in the spirit of walkingtalkingwriting, and one aspect of the entitlement word we were on about was (entitlement/un-entitlment) the dialectic, in which both of us were entitled [...]

I almost reached

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Apr 112016
I almost reached

I almost reached Piazzale Michelangelo – aware of a beating heart – only a small slope remaining but I decided to cut through to the Giardino delle Rose, where I sit in the shade impressed by the vigorous shoots of the roses – no flowers yet, of course. Knocked off course by the recent nose [...]

Mar 112016
Arrangements missed, dissed, unmade

I rather liked the Wikipedia entry for deranged:  ‘Deranged may refer to psychosis, a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. Deranged may also refer to: In films: *Deranged (1974 film) a 1974 American horror film. *Deranged (2012 film) a 2012 South Korean science fiction, [...]

Jan 292016
Let's explore that a bit more

Thanatos, Thanatos wherefore art thou Thanatos? And for that matter WHO are you? Are you the unregenerate savagery that is always waiting to burst forth?  Yesterday I went to the movies! I saw The Danish Girl: a further adventure into gender and sexual identity. A moving account of one man/woman’s story set in the 1920/30s [...]

Jan 232016
A new year, so what do throw out of the window?

Oh yes let’s have a metaphorical explosion! A metaphorical IED! Lots of squeaks and screams as the rockets whizz this way and that. Would you just look at that old stall, it’s been left out in all weathers, not even covered through this winter; should we burn it? Shove it out, break it up and [...]