Is backward the new forward?

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Nov 172016
Is backward the new forward?

And what does forward mean? No, don’t look at me like that, That exasperated expression on your face; I mean it seriously: Forward is now back.   Is this Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence?   1970 is as far as got before the braying donkey of the right Rediscovered those populist slogans  To feed the resentments toxically [...]

On the Road Again

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Nov 152016
On the Road Again

Carrying on, in times like these I turn to poetry. CK Williams is working best right now, The Collected Poems (up to 2003).I’ve also just bought Writers, Writing, Dying (2013). I like his poems that are often slowly unfolding stories, long sentences, with spaces to pause and breath, both personal and political, moral and cosmopolitan. Is this [...]

Nov 112016
All diagnoses will be given full consideration

Brexit . . . Trump . . . is the darkness gathering? Is it Tolkein time? The gathering of the forces of tyranny? The denial of democracy as a system of enlightened governance? A realignment of world power? A Putin/Trump axis? Should I pack my belongings on the poor donkey’s back and head for the [...]

So…here…to write…

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Oct 252016 write...

So…here…to write…and being surrounded by books, overwhelmed by books, let’s be frank, by words, overwhelmed by words, tumbling madly, there is no way of processing, better keep the books locked in the cellar where they can do least harm. Is that true? Is it possible? Won’t they leak into the damp walls, crumbling bricks, stone, [...]

Jul 252016
Our Tribe is AEON

Try Aeon – “Aeon is a digital Magazine. It is better than the London Review of Books.. and it is FREE”. I was talking over breakfast on Sunday with a woman called Penny. She is a literary agent living in upstate New York, working mostly with non-fiction writing. Aeon is the closest publishing thing I’ve [...]

Jul 102016
The Crowd

“I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself”, walkingtalkingwriting, please join the conversation: THE CROWD I prefer the teeming crowd of souls to the teeming soul itself. This has nothing to do with my material condition. Every kind of virtue is found in a crowd: that humans in a crowd create [...]